Photo via Diario Huarpe

When the founder of your religion had to go into hiding as he was facing so many criminal allegations; your Church leader is accused of physically beating staff; and entire countries think you’re more of a money-making criminal organization than a religion…well…you would have thought a bit of teasing by a stand up comedian would be the least of your worries.

But actress and comedian Malena Pichot found herself up against The National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism this week. The leader of the Argentine Church of Scientology filed a formal complaint citing defamation after statements made by Pichot went public.

Enter Malena. “They got annoyed because I said they were a cult, which is what they are. It seems like the Scientologists don’t have much to do.” Apparently one CAN fit in a bit of Twitter stalking between forcing women to give birth silently and sitting in saunas in the name of religion.

The actual damning tweet is unknown. “I write a lot of things on Twitter,” she said. “It could have been anything…it could have been years ago.” But these are Scientologists we’re talking about — the people who make you sign a billion year pledge if you want to be a member. They’re not going to let a few years get in the way of a point.

We’re surprised to be honest. Surely The Church of Scientology and comedians are a match made in heaven?

They’re both pretty good at causing a bit of controversy:

‘Scientology Controversies’ has its own Wikipedia entry and its not even light reading. To name but one, the Church’s Operation Snow White — intending to find and destroy any “unfavorable records” of Scientology —  was one of the largest infiltrations of the US government there has ever been.

Meanwhile Pichot has made a fair few enemies on Twitter. She provoked some Twitters users after a women’s march late last year, writing: “I wonder if neighbors will get as angry about rape cases as they are about spray-painted walls.” She also recently attacked Argentine actress Soledad Silveyra on Twitter, writing “You’re disgusting Solita.”

They share the same philosophies, no?:

Scientology advocates that “The better you feel about yourself and life, the freer you are.”

Pichot, in her now famous Youtube series La Loca de Mierda seems to be all about that, right?

“I’m good, I’m good, I’m good” —  she cries after a break up. See?

Scientologists are also a fan of communication, apparently, as it helps us get along with others.

Well, Pichot too. Exhibit A: “Pick up that phone, see how your ex is doing, it’ll never end in tears…”

 We’re sure they’ll be the best of friends soon. Let’s just ride this one out together.