Nine men were arrested yesterday in Madrid, Spain, after being suspected of being part of a large Jihadist network that recruited “fighters” for a terrorist group closely linked to al-Qaeda. Among them is 25-year-old César Raúl Rodríguez, born in Santiago del Estero. Yup, an Argentine guy.

Rodríguez, along with the other activists, is suspected of being involved in training in the so-called “Brigadier Al Andalus,” a group that recruits and trains jihad fighters to later join and fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIS, an organization that in the last few weeks has the entire international community running scared.) Rodríguez is also suspected of undergoing training himself, which means he was actually planning to join ISIS.

According to various European news sources, Rodríguez moved to Spain ten years ago with his family, where he married a woman of Moroccan descent and converted to Islam. Then, with the help of eight other men, he formed a highly international terrorist group that already expanded to France, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and Syria. 

Police officials in Madrid said the organization was led by Lahcen Ikassrien, a Moroccan citizen who was detained in Afghanistan by US troops back in 2001 and spent three years in Guantanamo. He was released due to a lack of evidence.

Spanish police believe Ikassrien is a member of the same terrorist group that founded the original al-Qaeda group in Spain. They have released footage taken at the time of his arrest.



The organization is not believed to have presented an immediate terrorist threat in Spain, although officials claim that this group alone has already sent nine Jihad fighters to join ISIS. They are said to be fully prepared to follow orders and execute terrorist attacks on command.

Rodríguez’s family in Santiago del Estero says they are “desperate” and that they believe in his innocence.

(Story via Nuevo Diario Web)