Photo via Publimetro

The Argentine Army’s website was hacked today and whoever took over it published a photo and threats, attributing the act to the Islamic State. “This is a threat. ISIS is in Argentina and you will know us very soon, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar (Allah is great Allah is great),” reads the message.

When consulted by Infobae, an Army representative confirmed the attack and said that they took down the website when they noticed it. “It’s already offline, the technicians are working to fix the issue,” the source added.

The Army representative went on to say that the message was up for about 20 minutes and that they applied the protocol for these kinds of contingencies the moment they saw it. To the present day, there hasn’t been a confirmed presence of a member of ISIS in the country, nor there has been any kind of event or attack for which the terrorist claimed responsibility.

Officials from the Ministry of Security often talk about the potential presence of terrorist groups in the Northeastern region of the country, particularly in the Triple Border (Triple Frontera) area, as different drug-trafficking routes go through the highly unprotected area. However, no member with proved ties to ISIS has been apprehended in local soil.

The only other moment when the word ISIS was mentioned in the Argentine media landscape took place in September 2014, when then-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner assured she had received threats from the group for being close to Pope Francis and for supporting the two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.