It looks like winter is coming a few days early this year in Argentina.

According to the Servicio Meteorológical Nacional (SMN), the Patagonian plateau will experience heavy snowfall over the next few days. “The center and west of Río Negro and Chubut, and the south and west of Neuquén, could have atypical snowfalls for the region, expecting between 20 and 70 centimeters of snow to accumulate during the whole period,” said the agency.

In particular, high mountain areas will have meter-high snowfall and winds between 100-160 kilometers an hour. Looking at Patagonia — western Chubut and Santa Cruz see the coldest temperatures with lows getting down to -8°C.

No snow for residents of Buenos Aires City though, in fact, we will be dealing with just the opposite. Low pressure from the South combined with the humidity will result in higher than normal temperatures, heavy rainfall and storms today and tomorrow with temperatures expected to reach into the 20’s Celcius (70’s Fahrenheit.)

According to the SMN, strong winds will affect Mendoza this weekend, along with San Luis, northeastern Chubut, Rio Negro, Neuquén, La Pampa, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, southern Santa Fe, and the southern section Of Entre Ríos.