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The Macri administration is not happy with how public workers are performing, and intends to do something about it. According to La Nación, the Government will create an entity that has already been christened by its workers as the “university for public employees.” Among its more important aspects, it will have a system in place that will penalize workers who don’t improve over time and reward (via salary increases) those who do.

The initiative comes as a result of a request President Mauricio Macri made to Modernization Minister, Andrés Ibarra, last year. “Can you imagine going to a public office and being greeted by a committed and trained employee?” the Minister, who this year will have a AR $60 million budget to implement project, told La Nación

The short term goal is to have 85,000 out of the 210,000 federal government employees take the course this year. This sector is made up of members of the President’s office, ministries’ employees, the AFIP tax collecting agency, the pensioners health insurance service (PAMI) and the national institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts (INCAA).

Modernization Minister Andrés Ibarra. Photo via La Nación
Modernization Minister Andrés Ibarra. Photo via La Nación

The goal doesn’t stop there. The idea is to have the rest of the four million public employees who work at the provincial and municipal levels participate as well.


How Will They Do it?

La Nación reported that the Modernization Ministry will hold 219 training courses this year. 42 percent of them will require employees to physically attend. But the main way will be through virtual courses that will allow it to reach employees all across the country, reduce absences and lower costs.

The Government will kick off the program as soon as possible and will gradually increase the number of people who will have to take it until it includes all employees, regardless of their position in the hierarchy or work sector .