In a joint effort between ANSES and Argentina’s Department of Immigration, about 1,000 social security recipients have been identified as non-residents and are set to lose their benefits. The Government estimates a total of 3,000 may still be receiving benefits without legal claim.

The two departments surveyed beneficiaries in the Misiones province and identified some as being Brazilian or Paraguayan, and as never having lived in Argentina officially (or at least not for the thirty year minimum).

Marcelo Julien, a representative for UDAI, suggests that these investigations followed after several inconsistencies in information regarding age and location. The department will continue to verify recipients in the coming months.

In light of Macri’s recent border control and immigration initiatives, stricter enforcement of federal benefits is the first of many political shifts the policy encourages. Given the long legal tradition of open borders in Argentina, the effects of Macri’s policy will likely create tension, both inside Argentina and within the international community.