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Hope is not lost! In an intense game between Argentina and Brazil, a last minute goal was able to bring hope once again to the nation in qualifying for FIFA’s U-20 World Cup.

The game started off rough for Argentina. Brazil made a pass from around the halfway line  where Richarlyson was able to receive it, control it and score a goal at only minute 10. This is probably the worst thing Argentina could have expected, losing within only 10 minutes of the first half.

But of course that only gave Argentina the fuel it needed. As the team was granted a corner kick, the team took full advantage and Brian Mansilla was able to score a goal at minute 26, tying the game 1-1.

Unfortunately, Argentina was not in the clear and a very unclear penalty was called on them on Belmonte’s behalf. Brazil’s Felipe Vizeu then took the shot, scoring the goal that everyone was sure was going to end all hope for Argentina. Brazil was so sure of their win that they celebrated with such enthusiasm that one would have thought the game had already ended.

But the game wasn’t over. And Argentina wasn’t going to let ab unclear penalty shot keep them from making their country proud. In the last minute of the extra 5 minutes of the game, Lautaro Martínez came in clutch and got a header into the net, tying the game 2-2.

Yes, Argentina is going to have to bust their asses in the last game that determines whether they will qualify or not in FIFA’s U-20 World Cup, but the hope has been regained. In order to qualify the national team will have to win by a difference of five goals against Venezuela. The game will be played this Saturday and if Argentina was able to tie last second to Brazil, then anything seems possible.