Argentina just broke its record of approved visas to the US, topping at 350,000.

The previous record was from 2016, with 319,000. Argentina is ranked seventh in the world of number of visas processed, after places like China, Mexico, India, and Brazil. This number has steadily increased over the years with a 13.1 percent increase between 2015 and 2016.

90 percent of Argentines headed up to the States end up either in Miami, New York City, or California. US Embassy General Consul Mark Leoni indicated that 97 percent of all visas submitted get approved from Argentina, as most do not abuse the specific requirements per visa. Argentines just go in, get their Apple products, take a detour at Forever 21 or Best Buy, and be back on their way. On the flipside, approximately 750,000 yanquis came down to Argentina in 2016.

The visa process is not as complicated as it once was, but Leoni plans on improving the situation. Since April, Argentines have been able to head over to the US Embassy with documents in hand, get fingerprinted, have the interview to receive the visa all in one day. However, currently the wait to get said appointment takes around 50 days after the application for the visa is submitted. Leoni stated that his objective is to lessen the time-frame for the process which should relieve Argentines who only want to enjoy their shopping sprees in peace.