Photo via Infobae

A recent lot of a cold syrup called Novalgina has been removed from the market by the National Administration of Medications, Foods and Medical Technology (ANMAT). The department found the microbial count in the product higher than established standards, so it’s pulling the lot from shelves.

The ANMAT report does not indicate what type of microbes contaminated the lot or what to expect if you have consumed the contaminated lot. If the microbes could cause health problems, a stronger recall response would likely be in action. Regardless, ANMAT suggests to consumers “Abstain from consuming corresponding units to the lot detailed.” If your bottle matches the following details, give it a toss:

“NOVALGINA / DIPIRONE 50 mg / ml – Syrup x 200 ml – Certificate N° 18262 – Lot 1B649M expiring 12/2018.”

As per protocol, ANMAT is closely following the continued production of the syrup. Assuming production meets standards, Novalgina will remain on the market — a (cough-less) sigh of relief for many as cold season approaches.