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Entitled ‘Perils of Perception’, a report was issued after analyzing data gathered from a total of 40 countries worldwide on levels of misinformation existing within each population. Carried out by the organization Ipsos MORI during the period between 22nd September to 6th November 2016 and covering a total of 27,250 interviews – Argentina ranked 20th.

The sorts of questions asked in order to evaluate ‘ignorance’ span various topics, from politics to social movements and important global issues. Things that people were questioned on include: their opinions on abortion, sex before marriage, their tolerance of homosexuality, their perception of wealth distribution within their own country, racist perceptions and so on.

According to Bobby Duffy, leader of the investigation: “There are multiple reasons for these errors – from our struggle with simple maths and proportions, to media coverage of issues, to social psychology explanations of our mental shortcuts or biases.”

Duffy continued in saying “It is also clear from our “Index of Ignorance” that the countries who tend to do worst have relatively low internet penetration [rates]: given this is an online survey, this will reflect the fact that this more middle-class and connected population think the rest of their countries are more like them than they really are”


Up there at the top of the ‘Ignorance Index’ are India, China, Taiwan, South Africa, United States, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey and Indonesia. And those at the bottom: the Netherlands, Great Britain, South Korea and the Czech Republic.