Photo via medicaldaily

Prepare yourself for yet another increase in your utility bills. Enargas has just announced gas costs will rise an average of 50%, starting April 1st. In light of last year’s difficulties passing gas increases, this year’s process will be, in theory at least, more transparent. The Department of Energy is confirming that before tariffs are passed, the proposed increase must be evaluated via public hearing.

Increases in utility costs stem from Macri’s plan to eliminate energy subsidies by 2019, and more increases are planned for this year.

What will this mean for you? Well that depends on how much you use. While the average household will see a 50 percent increase in the cost per unit of gas, households that use more or less will be charged accordingly. While there is no cap, gas increases overall are likely to be within a reasonable limit, but spread out across the year after last year’s gas tax fiasco.

Gas price increases were planned to take effect starting last April, but public outcry over high percent increases kept legislation from passing until October. The problem? Gas bills rose too quickly, some people could not afford to pay their bills, and the public was visibly livid. The public rebuttal made its way to the Supreme Court, which capped residential gas increases at 400 percent and most commercial use at 500 percent. Going forward, we can expect more reasonable increases more frequently (instead of one lump increase annually).

While this April might not bring a significant change to your billing, the accumulation of gas increases in the future will. Brace yourself, folks.