Argentine citizens applying for a passport will have to make a little more room in their travel budget for the key to their trip abroad. According to the Registro Nacional de las Personas (RENAPER), the cost of an Argentine passport will nearly double from a price of $550 to $950 pesos. This 70 percent spike in price correlates with the cost of an electronic document, specifically one that contains a citizen’s biometric information.

RENAPER director Juan José D’Amico, said that “to keep up with international demands regarding travel documents it is necessary to have technology that is used in this sense, which means we have to invest all the time in machinery and training, that is why we seek that whoever applies for it can afford this product knowing they receive a document of excellence that will allow them to travel without problems.”

“The Argentine E-Passport is adequate and subject to the recommendations and regulations of the Organización de Aviación Civil (ICAO), which is the international organization that, according to safety standards, issues suggestions for the issuance of travel documents,” the registry released in a statement.

Despite costing more, passports in Argentina are still among the cheapest in South America, and Argentina is also the only country in the world where you can obtain a passport in an airport.

Furthermore, Argentina ranks 15th among the most powerful passports in the world by virtue of a “visa-free score” of 145, according to Passport Index. Singapore just overtook Germany for sole position of first place with access to 159 countries without needing a visa.