Photo via KQED

Following the Orlando, Florida massacre in which 49 people were killed in a gay club on Sunday, President Mauricio Macri’s government officially expressed its condolences in a press release yesterday:

“The Argentine government manifests its deep consternation regarding the harrowing attack that occurred in the city of Orlando, US, which cost tens of innocent people their lives and left a high number of others injured.”

It has been confirmed that 49 people were killed in the shooting and 53 injured: all but one of the victims have been identified. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack today in an announcement on the group’s Albayan Radio and the FBI is investigating links between the gunman and ISIS. US President Barack Obama has described the incident as an act of both “terror and hate.” The gunman’s ex-wife described him to press as “obviously disturbed, deeply, and traumatized”.

“The Argentine Republic rejects these violent actions and expresses its condolences to the people and the government of the United States, as well as the families of the victims and the injured. All forms of violence and the execution of terrorist acts are unacceptable and deserve our most energetic rejection, calling for the punishment of those responsible of this deplorable episode,” concludes the press release.

Macri took to Twitter as well this morning to express his condolences:

“We are [shocked at] the Orlando massacre. We are with the American people […] and especially the families of the victims and those injured in these difficult times.”

Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra also sent her condolences via Twitter yesterday:

“My most sincere condolences for the families of the victims in the #Orlando massacre.”

“We condemn all types of violence. We must end these acts of terror, hatred and irrationality.”

The attack has been described as the deadliest shooting in US history. Before the Orlando massacre, the worst mass shootings in US history happened at Virginia Tech (2007), which saw 32 people killed, and Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012), which saw 27 adults and children killed.