Argentina’s favorite cartoon import gave the country a nod in a recent episode. The magic moment? When Homer is astounding Moe’s Tavern with his sublime chess playing abilities, friend Barney can’t contain his amazement. “Homer you’re playing like Polugayevski in Mar del Plata!”

This obscure Barney trivia refers to famous Russian chess player, Lev Abrámovich Polugayevski. The Russian had his first great international achievement in the chess world when earning the prestigious title of title of grand master in 1962 at, yep you guessed it, Argentina’s coastal city — Mar De Plata.

This isn’t the first time that the country or its historic figures have made the cut in the show. Argentina has received numerous mentions over the years. For you mega fans out there, here is a detailed account of each mention and its corresponding episode.

The reasons why could be because Argentina is third largest economy in the Latin America or that the show is wildly popular in here. But the most likely reason is because the show’s creator, Matt Groening is married to an Argentine, Agustina Picasso. Brownie points earned.