Photo via Perfil

Argentina’s Sub 20 team has started the final hexagonal round off to a shaky start, a very shaky one. In the first game of the round that determines the top four teams who will go to the World Cup Korea Republic 2017, Argentina lost to Uruguay 3-0.

Yea, that’s pretty bad.

It all started going downhill for Argentina when their player, Tomás Belmonte got a red card after kicking Uruguay’s Rodrigo Bentancur right in the shins. Ouch. This was at minute 31 of the first half and after that, everything fell apart for Argentina.

Uruguay quickly took advantage of Argentina being down one player and at minute 37, their player, De la Cruz, got the ball and kicked a long shot in straight to the goal, not giving Argentina’s keeper, Ramiro Macagno, a chance to defend his territory.

After that amazing shot, Uruguay’s Olivera was able to get a pass at minute 40 and shoot a low ball straight to the corner of the post, making the score 2-0 in just the first half of the game.

And of course the Argentine team tried to redeem themselves, but with a player short, the Argentine team just could not regain a foothold in the game. Uruguay, of course, just kept taking advantage of their confusion and disorder and at minute 17 of the second half, Uruguay’s Facundo Waller got another goal, catching a center from his teammate, making a low header into the net and finalizing the score to be 3-0.