Photo via La Clarín

In preparation for Saturday’s “Industry Day,” President Mauricio Macri delivered a speech at the headquarters of the Argentine Industrial Union in Buenos Aires and reiterated his strong confidence in the recovery of Argentina’s business sector, encouraged entrepreneurial investments in the country and – of course – did not miss an opportunity to take a shot at Cristina Kirchner.

The President assured that his administration has created a “healthy and responsible macroeconomic framework,” and warned Argentines not to be impatient, saying, “Our growth does not depend on a devaluation or adjustment in a day, but on gradual change.”

The president also spoke of “working hard to generate jobs,” as well as reductions in taxes and “lowering the inflation that hits those who have less.”

The most important announcement he made was in relation to the implementation of the Sociedad Anónima Simplificada (SAS), which starting tomorrow will give entrepreneurs the ability to register a corporation in 24 hours in an effort to encourage entrepreneurism by making it easier than ever to start a business in Argentina.

Since Macri took office, small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have received 13 million pesos in loans from the Ministry of Production and the Bank of Investment and Foreign Trade (BICE) alone. Also during Macri’s tenure, the Potenciar program, which works towards multiplying the number of multinational companies of Argentine origin, launched in 2017.

On the topic of trade, he highlighted about the importance of exports in Argentina’s integration into the world markets. Specifically, he touched on the value in simplifying trade procedures, and how the government is attempting to digitalize all export procedures to increase efficiency.

Before wrapping up, Macri took a slight dig at Cristina Kirchner (who took several digs at him yesterday), comparing his administration to hers and saying that “we went from lying and cheating to trust and decency.”