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Argentina has once again proven their skills with a football at their feet. The Under-20 team left Bolivia devastated with a 5-1 win, allowing them to take the leading position in their group. The group positions now go as follows: Argentina, 5 points; Bolivia, 3; Uruguay, Peru and Venezuela,2.

The game started with full intensity and Argentina did not wait long before they got one in the net. At 22 minutes, Nahuel Molina ran his way up the field through the right and centered the ball to Marcelo Torres, who was able to deviate the ball through with his shoulder and start the game at 1-0.

The next goal came after Bolivia’s Luis Haquin made a grave error at minute 35 and Argentina’s Brian Mansilla took the ball and was able to make it in from 25 meters away.

The score just kept racking up for Argentina when Torres was able to obtain a rebound and allow for Mansilla to shoot once again, making it 3-0. Soon after, Tomás Conechny gave a left kick to the net and was able to score another point for the Argentine team.

The final goal from Argentina came from Lucas Rodríguez, who only two minutes from entering the field, was able to get a center kick from Lautaro Martínez and score the fifth and final goal.

Bolivia tried their best to redeem themselves but Ramiro Vaca was only able to score one measly goal against Argentina during the last minutes of the game.

After two agonizing ties coming from the Argentine team and dealing with all of the rest of the problems in the country, this win gives a little hope that everyone needs.