The beauty herself. Photo via Turismo Mundial.

It’s official. According to the press release from German market research giant GfK this morning, Argentina’s “country brand” ranks second in South America. The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index is released every year to evaluate 50 chosen countries’ appeal based on international perceptions. This year, Argentina came in second to Brazil, who is a big ol’ Carnaval show-off  because the rest of the world has not yet developed a taste for Fernet.  2017 y’all, it’s our year.

This study confirms what the expat community here already knew, Argentina is one gorgeous little chamuyero, and quicker than you can say “Ezeiza” you’ve been here for two years and can’t function without mate and at least 200 grams of meat a day.

What is it about this intoxicating country that keeps us coming back even through power cuts, the cepo, trying to pay a phone bill, strikes and homesickness? A hysterico relationship we just can’t quit?

Well, GfK insists they have the answers. They compiled their list using Government, Culture, Population, Investments, Export, Immigration, Tourism and Culture as a rubric. The company conducted 20,342 interviews in 20 countries to reach these conclusions and rank their list.

brand rankAccording to the press release, “Argentina, which ranks 25th overall, is also ranked 25th for governance, putting it just ahead of Brazil in this area — but wins higher global credit for its culture and people — standing at 17th and 22nd respectively.”  Obvio, what remains unclear just how exactly 24 countries ranked in ahead; the US, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and Japan among them. Do their boliches stay open until 6 AM? Have they produced tango, Leo Messi, asados and the ability to stand around discussing Borges and Boca with your friends over Fernet until sunrise as someone hands you meat every 10 minutes? Contents of the 20,000 plus interviews will not be revealed, but I have a feeling that this particular brand of magic cannot be measured.

It should be noted that Argentina has fallen in rank in the 2015 study, as it came in 22nd overall in 2014. No matter though, Argentina, you are always number one in our hearts.