Are you an architecture buff looking for something to do this Saturday? You may be in luck because the Museum of Architecture and Design (MARQ) and the Architectural Society (SCA) are offering a unique opportunity to tour to the Curutchet House – only residential project in the Americas by the great Le Corbusier, pioneer of the modern architecture.

The house is located in La Plata city (53 km from BA), and was built between 1943 and 1953 under the supervision of the architect Amancio Williams.

It is a landmark not only in Argentine art history and design, but also within Le Corbusier’s own legacy too. It’s significant for Le Corbusier purists because he was able to design the space in keeping with his famous Five Points of Architecture while also adapting the design to its Latin American context.

Curutchet House was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2016 and has been an Argentine National Historic Monument since 2006; but operates as a private property and is not usually open to the public.

The Man Next Door

The Man Next Door – the Argentine movie that was shot entirely in the Curutchet House has won and was nominated for multiple awards at an international level. It’s a suspense-filled dark comedy that is a hit among design and architecture fans and film buffs alike.


Saturday September 24th | 10:30 AM

(must RSVP by the 21st)


The tour departs from MARQ (Avenida del Libertador 999)

How Much

AR $450 | Available from the SCA website