In its last stop in Buenos Aires, Nicolás Janowski’s stunning multimedia exhibition “Adrift in Blue” will take you through the conflicted history and naturalistic tension in Tierra del Fuego, or the “End of the World.”

Now infamous for its southernmost location, diverse natural landscape and adventure tourism, Tierra del Fuego was once home to several coastal and land-based indigenous peoples, including the Selk’nam and Yamanas. As European explorers came to the area, they brought with them disease and resource envy that fatally affected the local populations and eventually caused the cessation of their cultures.

Within a five chapter series, Janowski’s blue-tone work captures the beginnings of the end for the Selk’nam and Yamanas, drawing comparisons between Tierra del Fuego’s isolation, modern globalization and the mysterious intrigue at the “end of the world.”

While modern art is often a strictly metaphorical experience, “Adrift in Blue” might just manage to speak to your inner artist while pleasing your shamed interest in binge-watching post-apocalyptic movies.


Thursday – Tuesday | 12 PM to 8 PM


FoLa – Fototeca Latinoamericana | Godoy Cruz 2620

How Much

General tickets are AR $70, but you can score a 50 percent student or senior citizen discount (with valid ID). Pay at the door entry.

(Photo Credit: Nicolás Janowski, “Adrift in Blue”)