A 36-year-old man was attacked and killed by an anteater near Santa Victoria Este, a small town in the northern region of Salta. The man was on a hunting trip with two other friends and bled to death due to the severe wounds caused by the animal before the paramedics even arrived at the scene.

According to the coroner’s report, the man – identified as Marcos Echegoyen from Rivadavia Banda Sur – suffered a deep wound on his right leg that caused him to go in to a hypovolemic shock, which means that severe blood loss makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body.

Detail are still unclear as to what prompted the anteater to attack Echegoyen. After the incident one of his friends ran to alert the police and the rescue teams, but by the time they arrived at the scene the man was already dead.

Santa Victoria del Este is located approximately 500 kilometers to the north of the city of Salta.

(Featured photo via Wikipedia, story via Infobae)