It’s definitely not a good with for former Planning Minister during the three Kirchner administrations Julio De Vido. On Tuesday, a Court of Appeals instructed a judge to formally request he be stripped from his parliamentary immunity – he’s a national deputy – and be detained, arguing he could use influence to interfere with the so-called “Río Turbio” case, investigating him for allegedly embezzling hundreds of millions from the state. You can read more about that case here.

And just now, Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio did the exact same thing in another case. This one investigates him for allegedly having the state pay more than it should for a shipment of liquid gas, and probably getting a kickback because of it.

Bonadio also ordered the detention of his former right-hand-man, Roberto Baratta. And since he doesn’t have parliamentary immunity, he’s going to prison. Both of them have also had his assets seized for a billion pesos. Yes, you read that right. That’s how much the judge believes they could have embezzled and is preventing them from getting read of their assets in case they are found guilty and think of bankrupting themselves to avoid compensating the state.

The Chamber of Deputies will decide whether to strip De Vido from his immunity on Tuesday. . Predictably, all of Cambiemos’ representatives, as well as most other non-kirchnerite caucuses will vote in favor. The FpV caucus will meet hours before the vote to try to reach internal consensus. However, several representatives have already anticipated that they will abide by the judge’s order and vote in favor. The water De Vido is in is getting close to boiling point.