After the colossal social media shitstorm that took place last year when a dolphin died after being removed from the water by a group of dumb tourists in the beach town of Santa Teresita, in Buenos Aires Province, you would have thought that people wouldn’t be careless or stupid enough to do the exact same thing again. I mean, the news was pretty hard to miss.

If only.

Yesterday, Mar del Plata’s publication La Capital reported that another little dolphin – whose species is native to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and is one of the smallest species of dolphins in the world – had died on Sunday. This time the cruel ordeal took place in San Bernardo when a group of vacationers found it near the shore and decided it would be a great idea to take selfies with it instead of helping it to survive.

The beachgoers lifted the animal out of the water and after a few moments of being exposed to the heat,  died of dehydration. Looks like some people could use a reminder that dolphins are marine animals that don’t survive out of water for extended periods of time.

Claudia, a witness of the horrible event, told the press that “they let him die.” She claimed, “he was small and came up to the shore. They could have returned him to the sea, because he was still breathing, but instead they all started taking photos and touching him, saying that he was already dead.”

It won’t come as a surprise that people aren’t too happy about this repeat event on social media today. Dolphins are awesome. Selfies with beached dolphins are cruel and make you look like a tool.