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Fires have been spreading across several provinces in La Pampa and continue to be an issue for those in the area. Yesterday, it was revealed that both Roberto Kroneberger, the mayor of the town of Perú (not to be confused with the Andean nation to our north west), and a Civil Defense brigade crew, were attacked by angry farmers, who appear to be frustrated over the firefighters’ inability to contain the flames.

La Pampa’s Official Bulletin stated: “An individual displayed a knife in a rural area near [the town of] Perú, that could have been directed at mayor Kroneberger, in front of other people.”

On his way back to Santa Rosa, security minister Juan Carlos Tierno found a Civil Defense brigade “who claimed to have been attacked and threatened by a group of people.” The Bulletin stated that one of the attackers could be the manager or owner of one of the rural areas where the firefighters had been working. Criminal charges will be filed.

Seven of the “focus points” of the widespread fires were controlled  thanks to heavy rains on Monday. According to La Pampa’s Civil Defense department, three focus points remain active in Victorica and Perú.

So far, the fires have affected 1.5 million hectares, roughly 10 percent of the province. Néstor Stritzler, an expert from the National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA) said the fires represent “a catastrophe for both La Pampa and the productive sector.”

Río Negro and Buenos Aires’ provinces also register millions of pesos in losses, although the exact figure is still unknown.