María Monserrat Catalán was murdered in her home in Chascomús. Photo via TN

As if the triple-femicide in Mendoza this weekend wasn’t enough to get you down, yet another woman was murdered yesterday. This time it was in Chascomús, Buenos Aires province, where a middle-aged man killed his wife.

Yesterday at around midday, Jorge Arocena (56) shot his wife to death with a sawed-off shotgun in their marital home in Chascomús and then attempted to kill himself too. His own death came last night, after hours of agony in hospital.

One of their daughters found the bodies at about 1:30 PM yesterday. Her mother, María Monserrat Catalán (53), was lying dead on the bed, having suffered a gunshot to her chest. Arocena was writhing in pain on the ground near his wife — he had tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the mouth.

Their daughter called 911 and, according to Clarín, just moments later the area around Bahía Blanca 198, where the couple lived, was teeming with police, ambulances and shocked neighbors.

Jorge Arocena used a sawed-off shotgun to murder his wife.
Jorge Arocena used a sawed-off shotgun to murder his wife.

The killer was transferred to the “San Vicente de Paul” municipal hospital and died hours later.

At the moment, there has been no theory given for the motives behind this femicide, which has been added to the long list of similar incidents in the last few weeks. Investigators are taking testimonies from family members and friends to work out if there had been history of violence in the home.

This horrifying murder came less than 48 hours after three women were killed by Daniel Zalazar in Mendoza and after less than a week since the last #NiUnaMenos march demanded justice for victims and an end to gender violence.