President Mauricio Macri yesterday published the first of a series of ads highlighting his administration’s achievements to his Facebook account. Captioned “After years of driving on this destroyed road, look at it now, smooth as silk,” the ad is a compilation of videos spontaneously submitted by particular users – allegedly – praising the state of public roads and highways, which, as the title says, were previously wrecked.

“We committed to reducing the accidents on public roads, which take the lives of thousands of Argentines every year. Each road that turns into a highway, each road we pave and do maintenance on, every new bridge, every roundabout we put lights and signs on, saves lives. But the success of these works not only has to do with the concrete we lay and the lights we set; not only what happens, but what ceases to happen. It is happening, we are doing it together,” reads the rest of the caption that joins the video.

The other videos will seek to show improvements in the figures of the tourism industry and the increases in the offers of flights, as well as the number of people taking them; the setting up of sewers and providing access to running water in vulnerable areas; and improvements in education and security.

The series of ads is likely to be aimed at countering the existing negative perceptions regarding the course the government is going through in the economic landscape: they follow two turbulent weeks that resulted in a 8.78 percent depreciation of the peso in this time period, and the consequent decision of the Central Bank (BCRA) of substantially increasing its interest rates to 40 percent to quash the trend.