After Prison, Former VP Amado Boudou Says His Financial Situation is ‘Tough’

He's having such a hard time financially that neighbors are leaving diapers on his doorstep.

Former vice-president Amado Boudou.

Only a few weeks ago, former vice-president Amado Boudou not only was released from prison, but also became a father as his wife, Mexican politician Mónica García de la Fuente, gave birth to twins. It was a time for celebration, at least for him.

However, Boudou appeared on the Sunday news yesterday to discuss his current financial situation, defend the Fernández de Kirchner administration, criticize the Macri administration and tell the world about his time in prison.

Turns out that having twins “costs money,” he told America’s Mauro Viale, but he says that he is getting help from the community. “They leave diapers at my doorstep as a gift, it’s a grand gesture.”

Boudou said he now lives in an apartment in Barracas, which he rents from a friend. “We had to move because my financial situation was getting tough.”

He assured that there is a “demonization of the most prominent political figures in the previous administration,” and that there has been a “trivialization of Cristina Kirchner’s policies.” He also criticized the violent rhetoric towards the former President, saying that criticism towards her comes from the fact that she is “strong” and “a woman.”

The former veep didn’t have anything positive to say about the Macri administration. “For Macri, there are Argentines that deserve to have rights and others that don’t.”

He insisted on his innocence and rejected the corruption and embezzlement he is charged with, although he maintained that he was not mistreated in jail.

He also said his (now infamous) arrest back in November was carried out “just to have a picture” of him in handcuffs. “There was no other reason to arrest me.”