Photo via Telam

Amado Boudou, who served as Vice-President in the second Cristina Fernández de Kirchner administration, was detained today on racketeering charges. Federal Judge Ariel Lijo ordered the former official be taken into custody after concluding that there was “enough evidence to believe he profited in an unjustified manner,” and he could use that alleged ill-gotten money to interfere with the investigation by, among other things, reaching out to witnesses.

Boudou’s business partner (and according to different investigations, his alleged frontman) José María Nuñez Carmona, was also detained. His ex girlfriend, journalist Agustina Kämpfer was has been summoned to testify (she will have to appear before the judge on November 7, as she has also been charged with money laundering). And other alleged associates such as Juan Carlos López and Alejandro Vandenbroele will also have to testify on November 7 and 9, respectively.

“The organization conducted its criminal enterprise, at least, since early August 2009, when Amado Boudou took office as Minister of Economy and Finance, until December 2015, when his tenure as Vice-President ended,” reads a passage of the ruling in which Lijo ordered Boudou’s detention.

Federal Prosecutor Jorge Di Lello and then Judge Lijo also concluded that there are “large inconsistencies” in Boudou’s tax returns, which justify his detention:

  • Roughly US $80,000 that were not properly justified in his tax return from 2002, and 111 further inconsistencies in tax returns from 2002 and 2012.
  • An apartment he bought along with his then girlfriend in 2010, in the neighborhood of Palermo, worth US $ 120,000. He claimed to have acquired it with US $30,000 that were his, and US $90,000 from a loan his brother Sebastián gave him. However, the prosecutor argued there’s no record of the loan.

After testifying before Lijo, the former Vice-President will be taken to a federal prison (probably the Ezeiza or Marcos Paz facilities) considering that all former Kirchnerite officials or associates – Lázaro Báez, José López and Julio De Vido, to name a few – are currently there, also in preemptive custody while the investigation continues.