More Twitter drama has hit the web, this time courtesy of ultra-kirchnerite gay rights activist Alex Freyre. Freyre tweeted an apparent threat warning off opponents of the President earlier this afternoon, which after a violent backlash and over two thousand retweets, he was forced to “clarify” with a less aggressive touch.

Now let me me explain. His tweet says “If you come after Cristina… #WeToldYouSo”. That first part, “si la tocan a Cristina” is part of a song that the ultra-K’s like to sing. “Si la tocan a Cristina que quilombo se va armar” or, in English, if you come after Cristina all hell will break loose. The “we told you so” part seems to be justifying Nisman’s fate – and seems to imply that he, indeed, was murdered.

Obviously, in light of yesterday’s death, this didn’t give off the image of a Kirchnerite contingent prepared to deal with the situation in a calm and non-violent fashion. Within half an hour, Freyre was forced to explain his tweet:

So he meant that if someone comes after Cristina… the population will defend her and fend off all the lies that people are looking to spread. Phew! Thought he was talking about murder.

This isn’t the first time this week Alex Freyre has put his put his foot in it. In a tragically mis-timed tweet, Freyre addressed Luis D’Elia, one of the men implicated in the alleged negotiations with Iran, just before finding out about Nisman’s untimely death.

“Good day, darling negrito. And for Nisman, too?”

Life loves its little ironies. But despite the catastrophically awkward timing, Freyre did not stop there, and went from defending his tweet to attacking the late prosecutor’s accusations: “It seems that a tweet that I sent to Luis D’Elía is more important than talking about a cover-up.”

He argued that the “the guy [Nisman] received his pay four years ago and didn’t investigate anything substantial,” despite lack of information about the investigation in question. “We don’t know under what circumstances the prosecutor died; what’s certain is that this afternoon we deserve to find out how this prosecutor came to be putting forwards such a ridiculous accusation.”

According to Freyre, (who has also argued recently that if Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri or lawmaker Sergio Massa were to be elected, more people would die of AIDS because of restrictions to HIV medication) the accusation of cover-up is a cover-up of a cover-up. Wow: “The accusation is pulling our legs and should make us look towards who is hushing up this prosecutor’s false denunciation. The prosecutor’s investigation reeks of wanting to conceal what happened with AMIA.”

Beyond that, the opposition is apparently “accomplice to the non-investigation.”

The reasoning? “When there was talk of the Memorandum of Understanding with Iran, they didn’t come up with a single idea” better than the President’s.

“If anyone has a better idea they should go ahead and do it.”

If you’re not with us, you’re against us.