Aldosivi celebrates their victory over River Plate. (Photo via Perfíl)

Aldosivi has gone home with the winning trophy, winning the Copa Ciudad de Mar Del Plata. This Copa is one of the many Copa’s of the summer and although it only consists of one game, it certainly gave River Plate a wake up call.

The biggest rivalry in the country is without a doubt still between Boca Juniors and River Plate. Just before the Superclásico this upcoming Saturday in the Copa Luis B. Nofal, River lost against Aldosivi, a team ranked much lower than either Boca or River.

Granted, River’s coach, Marcelo Gallardo, changed up the formation and didn’t start his star players, but still, to lose to a team ranked much lower than your own is still quite a blow to the ego.

At first, everything was looking good for River when their player, Gonzalo Montiel, scored the first goal at minute 25. River had just gotten a free kick and although Rodrigo Mora executed a nice curve towards the net, Aldosivi’s keeper, Matías Vega, deflected the shot. Yet, the block was done in vain because Montiel came running in for the rebound and made the first goal of the night.

But that was all River would get for the rest of the night. Two minutes later Aldosivi’s, Antonio Medina, got a goal in after River messed up in the defense, basically giving the ball to their opponent inside the box.

Afterwards, in the second half of the game, came the goal of Ismael Quílez at minute 7 and the goal of Nery Bandiera at minute 29, giving Aldosivi a win of 3-1.

River can only hope that this was just a fluke and that with their starting team they will have a fighting chance on Saturday against their biggest rival, Boca Juniors.