Members of the group being arrested earlier today

Think you must have left your favorite jumper in your hotel? Ever wonder where that bottle of Pisco sours went?

Maybe you’re not as forgetful as you think.

A group of 14 airport employees from a private security firm have been arrested for stealing items from passengers’ suitcases in the Ezeiza airport. The thieves had been stealing belongings from Aerolíneas Argentinas customers, sources told La Nación yesterday.

A spokesperson from the PSA revealed that the group had been operating in Terminal C of the airport and that the discovery was made after carrying out an exhaustive investigation, launched after receiving several reports. Following 13 raids, which saw the employees’ clothes, cars and lockers searched, PSA officials found a range of different goods, including perfumes, smartphones, digital cameras and video games.

Sources told La Nación how the criminal organization operated: some would steal from the bags, others would warn them if someone was coming. Several members of the group transferred the stolen goods out of the airport and, finally, another group sold the stolen goods.

Three women and 11 men have reportedly been arrested. The items seized by the PSA include 2 guns, 135 grams of marijuana, 9 cannabis plants, 43 cell phones, rings, USB drives, laptops, watches, shavers, video-game consoles, cash, and ID cards – to name a few.

The accused currently remain in custody while Federal Judge of the Lomas de Zamora district, Federico Hernán Villena, continues to investigate the case.