When Aimé García walked into Naná for an after office happy hour last week, heads turned. Before she could even make it across the room, she was stopped. And yes, she is gorgeous, but it was the handbag her admirer was after: A green and white embroidered clutch with bright red lettering.

photo via Gaston Nardanone.
photo via Gaston Nardanone. For Aimé loving yourself means finding coherence between heart, mind and soul. Thus the term, Multi-Orgasmic


“I had always wanted to have my own brand and to create a product I could sell internationally. Because since a young age I was very much interested in traveling and the whole world. It wasn’t just about designing and staying in Argentina.”

Aimé was born in Villa Regina, Argentina. After graduating with a Fashion Design Degree from UBA, she went to work at a large leather-accessories brand. Life took her to Melbourne for a number of years where she designed and sold her own handbags. Over time, her name became popular through word of mouth, her designs appearing in magazines like PEOPLE and Cosmopolitan, and on the red carpet. She moved back to Buenos Aires in 2015, where she decided to change the focus of her business.

“Something was missing. Designing the pretty and functional handbag wasn’t enough for me.” Aimé says. A break-up and a journey of self-reflection brought Aimé to the conclusion that she needed to change not only her own personal outlook but also the intention behind the product she was creating so she could re-discover her passion for designing accessories.

“I discovered I wasn’t loving myself. That I was more worried about what others think about my designs than what I felt so, I decided to just write down on a paper that i was going to design for myself- something that I love. And then I started the collection.”

And although her latest venture, entitled “Love Lab” might be a departure from her previous work, the themes of individuality and self-expression that define the collection run deeply through Aimé’s narrative.

photo via Maia Frid
photo via Maia Frid

I wasn’t the typical girl into fashion – I wasn’t looking at stuff. Whatever was good for myself wasn’t about following the trend or what someone famous was wearing. I would think of something in my head and my Grandma would buy the fabric and make it… it was like a puzzle for me. Wanting to make the idea in my head concrete.” 

Aimé decided to focus a collection of handbags around the concepts of self-love and freedom of expression, with each design being inspired by a pillbox. “The idea is you don’t need medicine to solve your problems. I don’t believe in medicine for superficial reasons. (It’s cheesy) but I believe the base of everything is self-love. If you love yourself, then everything can fall into place – not just in terms of relationships but your career and life, because you want to give yourself the best you deserve.” These slogans are prescribed to Aimé’s “patients” instead of pills.

photo via
photo via Gaston Nardanone

“The design process was really personal and deep but I think it does reflect my brand. I decided to teach [myself] what I needed to learn because I think at the end of it when you’re giving advice to someone else you’re also giving advice to yourself. My mission is to empower women through my designs.”

As Aimé floated around the party at Naná, it was evident that the slogan on her bag was as much for everyone who she came into contact with as it was for herself.