After the Supreme Court declared the Council of Magistrates reform unconstitutional yesterday we told you there would be blood.

But, Jesus, we expected the rhetoric to remain somewhat civilized! Looks like we were wrong.

The head of the city’s Colegio de Abogados (Bar Association) Jorge Rizzo was interviewed this morning on Radio 10’s Hola Chiche and, when asked about his opinion on the tribunal’s decision that there will be no popular election of magistrates in the midterm elections, he simply replied that “the National Government will now have to shove those lists of candidates up their asses.”

As quoted by Minuto Uno:

“I’m not sure if they didn’t do this on purpose; I can’t believe so much clumsiness, especially coming from the President. I said it three or four times that this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. The only ones who know about the law are we lawyers.”

If you think this is over, you’re dead wrong. The war is just beginning. And if “shove it up your ass” is any indication, things are going to get ugly. Very ugly.

The reform of the Council of Magistrates, which is responsible for naming, sanctioning and firing judges, was struck down by the Supreme Court yesterday. The law intended to have the number of councilmen increased from 13 to 19, with 12 of them being elected by the popular vote with political parties nominating candidates. I guess those candidates on the Government’s lists will not be very happy with Rizzo’s remarks.

(Story via Minuto Uno, Photo via website)