So. It looks like New York Judge Thomas Griesa thinks we’re in contempt. And this is going to have consequences, as stated in our previous story about this.

After the decision, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner took to Twitter and, visibly upset, unleashed a flood of tweets in which she blamed the United States for it, arguing that the US is responsible for any decision made by someone who represents any of the three branches of government.

She once again insisted that the US should agree to solve this judicial nightmare at the International Court of Justice, something the State Department has already rejected and would never happen anyway. Cristina knows this, of course, and her request is just one more attempt to show herself as conciliatory while the predatory vulture funds continue to profit from Griesa’s decisions.

As she prepares a Cadena Nacional message for today at 6:30 pm in which she will most certainly launch a blitz against the US magistrate, this is what she tweeted yesterday evening. Enjoy.