Photo via AFP

Following the highly anticipated face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, President Mauricio Macri’s administration is once again making it clear it would really rather the Democratic nominee win the U.S. presidential race in November.

“It’s evident that the macro vision Donald Trump has is one of closing himself in, he looks inward, which is very different from our government,” Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra said on Radio Mitre this morning. “We think that this process of closing in and xenophobia is very dangerous,” Malcorra said. Adding: “Clinton’s vision is much closer to that of our government.”

At the same time though, Malcorra made clear that it was up to U.S. citizens to decide on their president and Argentina would work with whomever came out on top. “Obviously whatever the North Americans decide will be something that the whole world, including Argentina, will have to live with. So we will have to work with whoever they decide,” Malcorra said.

As for last night’s debate, Malcorra said she couldn’t watch the whole thing but from what she saw, Clinton “did a good job.”

Malcorra’s statements are hardly surprising. In an interview with BuzzFeed earlier this year, Macri didn’t hesitate when asked who he would prefer win the U.S. presidential race. “I believe in relationships, in networks — we are, in fact, speaking with the world through a network — not in building walls,” he said.

Earlier this month, Macri appeared on a panel at the Clinton Foundation in New York and even tried a (very awkward) joke about former President Bill Clinton as “first gentleman.”