Photo via Ambito

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has been a mess lately, but many think that a new leadership can clean up the way the organization is being run and give Argentine football a new period of peace.

As of now, it seems that Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia is the only one running for AFA presidency, since he met today with his – now former? – staunchest detractors, River plate and San Lorenzo representatives Marcelo Tinelli and Rodolfo D’Onofrio, in an attempt to add them to his ticket. The meeting had nothing to do with the pending TV rights but more about trying to solve the internal political conflicts that have been occurring for a while now in AFA.

Press reported that Tinelli was deciding whether to run for the presidency, but a close friend of his had told him that either he could A) leave AFA completely B) run and definitively lose or C) negotiate with Tapia to be a part of his ballot. No one really knows what Tinelli is planning on doing but he has said: “I will do what it best for Argentine football.”

According to insiders’ reports, Tinelli is seriously considering joining Tapia’s team. In return, he’d get the office of Secretary of National teams. The spot was originally going to go to Nicolás Russo, the president of Lanús, but he didn’t object to the decision.

As for D’Onofrio, he is thought to be the future holder of the second vice presidency, which was going to go to former CGT umbrella union head Hugo Moyano, who now will be put in the Treasury position instead.

It’s a bit of a tangled mess but what the representatives of AFA are trying to do is get everyone on the same page so that AFA can finally restructure itself and have the game of football stop being interrupted by the chaotic politics.

President of the Normalizing Committee, Armando Pérez, has assured everyone that elections will definitely be held on March 29.

The current staff in charge of AFA said they are looking for “a political agreement that will reflect a mature act from all of the leadership.” And this is exactly what AFA needs right now  They need some structure and mature leadership that can work together to move forward Argentine football in an organized manner. At least for now, football is back on and the politics of the game can resolve themselves while the fans enjoy great games like the one of Vélez against Estudiantes that took place yesterday.