(Photo via copaargentina.org)

Football fans in Argentina are definitely not going to be happy about this. In a country where people breathe and live football, it is heart breaking news to find out that the Copa Argentina will be postponed.

The Cup was suppose to take place Jan. 22 but Pablo Toviggino, president of the Federal Board of Argentine Football, sent an official letter to participating clubs declaring the initiation of the Cup postponed.

Pablo Toviggino on far right (Photo via somosjujuy.com.ar)
Pablo Toviggino on far right (Photo via somosjujuy.com.ar)

“As a consequence of the grave economic and financial crisis that all the clubs of the Federal Board are going through, a suspension has been arranged for the opening of the Copa Argentina,” said Toviggino in his letter to the clubs.

All the clubs and its fans have their hands tied, or rather their feet, until the AFA (Argentine’s Football Association) figures out a way to pay off their debt and solve their financial problems.