You might find yourself a bit more peckish on your next Aerolíneas Argentinas flight, as the airline will be stopping their snack service for flights less than two hours long. This cut back is part of the airline’s response to the US $ 401 million debt that they are trying to shift, alongside the new competition coming from low-cost airlines in the New Year.

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“There are changes for increased productivity in our operations, in a market that will be different. Some modifications will begin early in the year with others coming in the course of the first few months,” said Commercial Director, Diego Garcia.

The airline will focus on becoming more user friendly. For example a re-vamping of the Aerolíneas app, allowing users to buy a ticket with one click and the option to buy tickets over the phone. Also seats will be allocated at different prices depending on their comfort and location, with increased access to business class being up for grabs.

“We face a year that will be highly competitive with big challenges, and in this way we look to fortify our new objective of reducing the debt of the company. This year we have managed to lower the annual figure from US $ 687 million to US $401 million with only US $300 million received from Government subsidies” said the spokesman.