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Following the Security Ministry’s decision to improve the security of President Mauricio Macri, additional measures are being taken to protect the Casa Rosada and other officials, as threats to their safety continue to be a regular occurrence.

Everyone who arrived at the Casa Rosada after the long weekend — yes, even high-ranking officials — found that security procedures to enter the Casa Rosada had changed. Federal police, since yesterday, have started used explosive detectors to check vehicles. This new procedure is a response to a bomb threat the Casa Rosada received last Friday. Individuals will also be scanned with explosive and metal detectors before gaining entry. A government representative told El Espectador that, “We are going to apply the same safety procedures to the Quinta de Olivos [the official presidential residence].”

Last Friday, protesters hurled rocks at a government vehicle transporting Macri and Buenos Aires Governor, María Eugenia Vidal. The incident took place in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aire Province, and raised concerns for the security of government representatives, and the President in particular. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich announced that, for the sake of Macri’s safety, he will be transported in a fortified vehicle from now on and individuals who threaten government officials will be tracked and face charges if deemed necessary.

The 911 emergency hotline has also received roughly 9,000 threats against Macri and/ or the Casa Rosada, according to El Espectador, though many of the calls were made from the same phones. Other threats also arrived via social media, leading to two men being arrested last month for making threats in the name of ISIS. El Espectador also reports that former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has received threats as well. And just today a grenade was found in a dumpster a few meters away from the house of Federal Judge, Martina Isabel Forns.