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This summer, the Buenos Aires Province Culture Ministry wants you to get even more out of that trip to the beach and has prepared a mix of free activities in classic coastal holiday destinations like Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Pehuén Co, Miramar and Santa Clara del Mar and other towns across the district.

From January 9th to February 5th, music will be the main attraction, but not the only one. There will also be theater, street art, mobile cinema, urban dance performances and stand up shows at nine locations throughout the area. So if you’re looking to bust a move or simply sit down and be entertained, there are a ton options to choose from.

Live Music

Lali Espósito. Photo via
Lali Espósito. Photo via

Several popular bands and solo artists will perform on the main stage at the end of each day, including Uruguayan cumbia group Márama, teen popstar Lali Espósito, Jesse & Joy, electropop band Miranda, cumbia singer Karina “La Princesita”, rock band Las Pastillas del Abuelo, Uruguayan singer-turned-actress Natalia Oreiro, reggae bands Los Cafres and Los Pericos, folk-pop group Los Nocheros, and singers Soledad “La Sole” Pastorutti and the Chaqueño Palavecino. Others who will perform are Kapanga, Valeria Lynch, Dread Mar I, Patricia Sosa, Airbag, Axel and Iván Noble.


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A big tent will be set up so that both children and adults can take in best blockbusters in Argentina over the last few years. The setup for adults includes the newest version of Ghostbusters, the multiple award winner El ciudadano ilustre starring Oscar Martínez, comedies Permitidos and Me casé con un boludo, which brings together Argentina’s favorite couple from Un novio para mi mujer, and a documentary about the creative process that resulted in “Existir sin vos,” a song by Charly García, back in 1994.

For children, some of the movies listed are Angry Birds, Minions, The Secret Life of Pets, Shaun the Sheep and 2011’s La máquina que hace estrellas.


Graciela Borges. Photo via
Graciela Borges. Photo via

Some of the biggest stars from Corrientes Avenue are going to be performing their hearts out to audiences at each city’s most iconic stage. The plays being shown are Pepe Soriano’s El loro sigue contando…, Graciela Borges’ Entre nosotros, Filomena Marturano (starring Claudia Lapacó and Antonio Grimau), Pieza plástica (starring Brenda Gandini and Julián Calviño, and directed by Luciano Cáceres) and Juan Pablo Geretto’s Es su maestra normal.

Tickets are available the same day of the play, at the AcercArte information stand, from 4 PM onward, until tickets are sold out.

Stand Up, Street Art, Creative Workshops and More

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Comedians have taken center stage and are ready to make you laugh of beach bum off. Some of the performers are Eduardo Calvo, el heavy re jodido, Hugo Varela, Juan Acosta, Gerardo Freideles, Mariano Potel, El flaco legal with Claudia Pano and Guillermo Selci, among many others.

And while you wipe away your tears from all the laughter, you can look around and experience the splashes of color and both the strange and beautiful figures painted along the streets everyday thanks to various artists showing off their work. Cabe Swam Heis, Trosch/Mono Avila/Debofun and Unidos Crew are the groups in charge of the beautification of public spaces at the 9 cities where the AcercArte program will be running.

Not only will visitors be able to view the works of experienced artists, but both young and old can participate and learn creative crafts, such as photography and engraving. Meanwhile, participants can also acquire new habits in taking care of the environment by using recycled and second-hand materials. Besides making dolls, toys and board games, people will be able to decorate their own table-cloths and other fabrics.

And of course the party never ends. There will also be dancing; special theater for kids, such as Cantando con Adriana; free activities within the AcercArte library, including poetry, letter writing, story-telling; and the presence of visual artist Milo Lockett, actor Gonzalo Heredia, psycho-analist Federico Andahazi and journalists Sergio Marchi and Juanki Jurado, among others.


From January 9th to February 5th.


AcercArte is taking place at 9 cities across the Buenos Aires province: Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Pehuén Co, Merlo, Santa Clara del Mar, Miramar, Tres de Febrero, San Fernando and Brandsen.

To see the full schedule with detailed information about the different activities’ timetable, please go here.

Best part? All activities are free!