The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo made yet another happy announcement — the discovery of another of the ‘nietos,’ of grandchildren, that were kidnapped by people working with the military government during Argentina’s last dictatorship. The icon human rights group happily announced the finding of grandson number 122, now a 39 year old with two children of his own. He was the son of Enrique Bustamante and Iris Nélida García Soler, both nicknamed “Lobito” and “Lobita.”

Full details will be released next Tuesday at 1PM in the headquarters of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo (Virrey Cevallos 592, floor 1, apartment 2).

His mother, one of tens of thousands of ‘desparecidos‘, was three months pregnant at the time of her kidnapping and gave birth in 1977 at the former detention center, ESMA. This latest found niter is one of the estimated 400 newborns, who were kidnapped and distributed out to families by the dictatorship.

“I want to share this emotion and indescribable joy that I am alive to know the news that my nephew has been found” declared, Iris’ sister Alicia.