Eduardo Zuaín at the French Embassy in Buenos Aires in 2015. (Embajada de Francia en Argentina)

Eduardo Zuaín officially left his post as Argentine Ambassador to Paraguay today. His departure results from alleged espionage accusations from Deputy Elisa Carrió, leader of the Coalición Cívica, during her trip to Paraguay. National newspapers consider the move a success for Carrió, who had previously made her accusations against Zuaín public.

Through a decree published in the Official Gazette, President Mauricio Macri ordered Zuaín’s transfer from the embassy in Paraguay to the Foreign Ministry. Macri and Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie signed the measure this morning.

A career diplomat raised Santiago del Estero, Zuaín served as Ambassador to Italy from 1999 to 2006. Upon returning to Argentina in 2006, he joined the “Radical K” party under ex-President Néstor Kirchner. In 2015, then-President Cristina Kirchner named him Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, the highest diplomatic position available.

Zuaín’s strong relationship with Kirchnerism proved to not be a political limitation. Macri appointed him Ambassador to Paraguay in January 2016, thanks to support from Gerardo Zamora, former governor of Santiago del Estero, radical K, and a key member of the Senate.

Still, Zuaín’s dismissal is a win for Cambiemos in its constant battle with the Kirchnerite opposition. And so goes the story of national partisan politics.