If you’re living in Buenos Aires maybe it’s the fog, the seeping cold that has turned the city into a storm cloud. If you were out last night maybe it’s the hangover, the continuous reminder that boliches are maybe best saved for when you don’t have work the next day, for when you were younger, sharper, and with a liver more capable of digestive calisthenics.

And if you have a heart, maybe what made you cry today was the story of Eva the Bear, a very old bear from Romania, who has lived in captivity for 19 years in Salto, Uruguay. Eva the Bear had all her forms in order to ship out to a retirement home wild animal sanctuary in Colorado, but the mayor of Salto, Andrés Lima, won’t let her leave. “She is from Salto and of the salteños…and here she must die,” he said, according to the Change.org petition in Eva the Bear’s name.

The Uruguayan organization Animales Sin Hogar has released a video to campaign for her liberation, and Eva the Bear even has her own #Liberenaeva hashtag. The website features a scrolling album of pictures of reclining bears, captioned “Look where Eva could live” which is intro-credits-of-Up-level emotional screwerey.

Why do we care about Eva the Bear? There’s inflation and scandal and other sad Internet ursine creatures for us to care about, plus the general anxiety that maybe we too will grow old in the captivity of our own creation, trapped in the corporate cages of capitalism, the Salto, Uruguay of our minds, the hell within us, the prison of our bodies, etc. etc. Or maybe we care about Eva the Bear because she’s fuzzy and adorable?

In any case, you don’t have to be Uruguayan to sign the petition to free Eva the Bear – you just have to care. It currently has just over 18,500 of the 25,000 signatures needed to move forward with fighting the mayor’s TV villain like decision.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.