Taking the title “mountain man” to new heights (dad joke for the win!), a four-year-old girl spent the night sleeping in a cave alone, save the company of sheep, in the mountainous area of Culampajá in the Catamarca province.

This wasn’t a planned camping trip though. This impromptu night out began when the 4 year old wandered away home during siesta, while the rest of her house was resting. According to the Corral Quemado police, her mother left the house around 4:00 PM to look for the family’s goats. The rest of the household thought the little one had left with her mother. Hours later, her mother came home to an empty bed and the child’s grandmother out looking for her.

Immediately after, family, friends, neighbors, and local police began to search on Saturday, May 27, but were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until 9:30 AM on Sunday, May 28 when Yapura’s aunt brought her back home. Officials say she arrived at an aunt’s house alone in the morning, which is about two kilometers away from her own home.

So how did the toddler make it through the night? The crafty tot took refuge in a cave where a group of sheep were sleeping and cuddled in with the livestock, avoiding almost inevitable hypothermia. The region of Catamarca is 2,800 meters above sea level and the cave’s temperature is reported to be anywhere between four to six degrees below zero (Celsius), as stated by local media from the Belén Juvenile Court.

Despite the conditions, the resourceful little one was cleared of any health problems at the health center in the town of Corral Quemado. Thanks to the herd of sheep, she is safe at home in perfect physical condition.