Photo via Cronista

The ongoing saga between banking unions and authorities marches. This latest episode sees the announcement of a nationwide banking strike set to take place this Friday.

After holding “informative assemblies” that limited the banking service last Thursday and Friday, union leader Sergio Palazzo took to twitter this afternoon to announce that a 24-hour-long general strike will bring all banking services to a halt this Friday.

Speaking to Radio Continental this morning, union leader Sergio Palazzo explained the union’s predicament: “they have left us with no other alternative”.

The feud between banking unions and its authorities goes back to the end of last year, when most authorities agreed to give workers a salary increase of 23.5 percent, which exceeded the Government’s expectations for the year’s inflation.

As a result of this, the Labor Ministry, which has to approve these types of agreements, decided not to do so. The banking union decided to take its claims to the justice system and in late January a labor court of appeals sided with them, compelling authorities to honor the agreement while warning the Government to not interfere with the process. The Ministry, however, appealed the decision last Wednesday, and unions retaliated by limiting their service.

A lot can change between now and then, but planning your trip to the bank before Friday might save you a lot of hassle.