Photo via La Nacion.

Tomorrow, July 18, marks the 21st anniversary of the AMIA bombing, which killed 85 people at a Jewish community center and was the deadliest attack in Argentine history. Commemorations were held yesterday and will continue today and tomorrow.

The commemorations carry a particular weight this year after the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman, the now-famous late prosecutor who in May 2013 accused Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her administration of covering up and protecting the alleged perpetrators of the bombing.

Nisman’s eldest daughter Lara attended one of the commemorations and her words were read aloud by journalist Cristina Pérez:

“I saw how much my father worked for justice. They say things to get it dirty, but one cannot detract from his hard work… I ask you to join us and help to find the truth about what happened to my father.”

After reading out the names of all 85 victims, the current treasurer of AMIA gave an impassioned speech.

“Countries that finance and support terrorism must be denounced before they continue to claim lives. States, human rights organizations, societies that want to live in peace, must rally efforts against those who trample on our rights with blood and fire,” he said.

He made veiled attacks on Argentina’s “Memorandum of Understanding,” a deal that leaders signed to cooperate in the investigation with Iran. “We cannot reach an agreement with the murderers, we can’t legally and morally,” he said.

The trial for the alleged AMIA attack cover up is set to begin on August 6. Cristina was not present, having gone to Brasilia to participate in the 48th Mercosur presidential summit. She did, however, take to Twitter to defend Héctor Timerman, who organized the deal with Iran: