“Ugh, another election article,” you say. But take comfort: this one, for once, is not about fraud allegations, food bags being distributed in exchange for votes, Kirchnerite and opposition candidates exchanging petty insults, etc.

Here is a handy gubernatorial elections cheat sheet to help you pretend you’ve stayed on top of the political goings-on in the country over the last few months.

To start: a map! With colors!

Photo via Minuto Uno
Provinces who’ve elected a governor. Photo via Minuto Uno

In brief: ruling Victory Front (FpV) — Cristina’s party — has won five provinces, local parties have won three, Cambiemos — Macri’s coalition — has won two and A New Alternative (UNA) —  Massa’s party — has won one.

And now a breakdown by province:

Corruption allegations, burned ballots, never-ending recounts — it’s a long story.
Winner: Juan Manzur (FpV)

Things went strangely well.
Winner: Domingo Peppo (Frente Chaco Merece Más)

La Rioja
Things happened, allegedly.
Winner: Sergio Casas (FpV)

Polls were inaccurate. Beware killer anteaters.
Winner: Juan Manuel Urtubey (FpV)

Tierra del Fuego
People voted. There was vandalism. And penguins.
Winner: Rosana Bertone (FpV)

Dirty campaigning. Polls were inaccurate (again).
Winner: Godoy Cruz Alfredo Cornejo (Cambiemos)

City of Buenos Aires
Another recount. Blank votes reached historic levels.
Winner: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (Cambiemos)

Anti-federal government speeches were made.
Winner: Juan Schiaretti (UNA)

Volcanic ash clouded cities, but dedicated voters didn’t let that stop them.
Winner: Omar Gutiérrez (MPN)

Santa Fe
3-way tie. Seriously.
Winner: Miguel Lifschitz (Frente Progresista Cívico y Social)

Río Negro
Weretilneck is Switzerland between opposition party and Kichernerites.
Winner: Alberto Weretilneck (Frente Juntos Somos Río Negro)