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If you’ve ever crossed the Andes via plane, you’ll know all too well that stomach-turning feeling that generally comes with the turbulent flight. But while the most many of us have to suffer involves reconnecting with our long lost deities of choice, 12 unlucky travelers last Friday were dealt a harsher hand.

An Avianca flight from Lima to the City of Buenos Aires left 12 people injured while crossing the Andes last Friday, ushering 10 to the hospital after the plane touched down at Ezeiza International Airport early Saturday morning.

Images of what frankly looks like a crime scene in the plane trickled their down way through social media yesterday and today, making their way to national outlets today.

Avianca released a statement apologizing for the circumstance and promising to tend to those affected on flight AV965. Is this enough to win the forgiveness of these unlucky passengers? I would demand a free flight. Or at least an endless supply of complimentary peanuts.